Webcast Alert: Amtech Systems Third Quarter 2007 Earnings Conference Call Webcast


Amtech Systems (NASDAQ:ASYS) announces the following Webcast:

What: Amtech Systems Third Quarter 2007 Earnings Conference Call Webcast

    When: August 14, 2007 @ 5:00 PM Eastern

    Where: http://www.investorcalendar.com/ClientPage.asp?ID=119880

How: Live over the Internet -- Simply log on to the web at the address above.

If you are unable to participate during the live webcast, the call will be available for replay at http://www.investorcalendar.com/ClientPage.asp?ID=119880 or http://www.investorcalendar.com/

Amtech Systems, Inc. manufactures capital equipment, including silicon wafer handling automation, thermal semiconductor processing equipment and related consumables used in fabricating semiconductor devices and solar cells. Semiconductors, or semiconductor chips, are fabricated on silicon wafer substrates, sliced from ingots, and are part of the circuitry, or electronic components, of many products including computers, telecommunications devices, automotive products, consumer goods, and industrial automation and control systems. The Company's semiconductor handling, thermal processing and consumable products currently address the polishing of newly sliced silicon wafers and reclaimed test wafers and the oxidation and deposition steps used in the fabrication of semiconductors, MEMS and solar cells.

Source: Amtech Systems