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Supplying Essential Semiconductor Solutions Worldwide

Founded in 1981, Amtech Systems is a trusted global supplier of essential semiconductor equipment and consumables serving various industries within the power semiconductor market, including mobile, computing, industrial, automotive, telecom, medical, and more.

Our diversified product portfolio enables us to manufacture and sell our products worldwide, particularly in Asia, North America, and Europe, through our three verticals: substrate (for lapping and polishing), chip fabrication (for diffusion furnace) and packaging and SMT (for thermal processing).

Our differentiator is the quality of our products and our customer service. We are a trusted supplier and provide our customers with high-quality solutions.

Semiconductor End-market Overview

We are focused on two high-growth sectors within the $500 billion semiconductor global device market.

Source: Yole, Market Research Future and Fortune Insight


Power Semiconductor Global Device Market


Silicon Carbide Global Device Market

Strategic Market Focus

Our Strategic Emphasis on Silicon Carbide and Power Semiconductor Sectors

At Amtech, we focus specifically on two high-growth sectors of the semiconductor market: Silicon Carbide and Power Semiconductors. Our diversified product portfolio addresses several fundamental process steps in chip manufacturing, including substrate, chip fabrication and packaging / surface mount technology (SMT). We provide wafer polishing equipment and related consumables and diffusion and reflow equipment to leading semiconductor manufacturers around the globe.

Silicon Carbide

Our silicon carbide (SiC)/light-emitting diode (LED) segment provides innovative solutions to the lapping and polishing market for SiC power chip applications, LED, optics, and photonics.

Power Semiconductor

Our power semiconductor segment develops equipment for thermal processing and deposition for semiconductor manufacturing, specifically focusing on substrate, fabrication, packaging, and SMT.

Entrepix, Inc., technology leader in CMP and wafer cleaning is now part of the Amtech Group.  To learn more see the presentation on the Investors page of this website and visit www.Entrepix.com.

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Next-generation Semiconductor Equipment & Products

Our product portfolio includes a wide range of essential semiconductor equipment such as lapping and polishing, diffusion furnace, and thermal processing.

CMP, Lapping and Polishing

Through P.R. Hoffman, we manufacture and sell a wide range of products, including substrate carriers, substrate polishing templates, and CTX chemically resistant templates used for Silicon Carbide substrates. Through Entrepix we participate in chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) as a solutions provider for 200mm CMP equipment and a foundry operator serving some of the leading IDMs and OEMs.

About CMP, Lapping and Polishing

Wafer Cleaning

Through Entrepix, Inc. we offer double sided 200mm wafer cleaning systems used for both silicon and compound semiconductor applications.   These cleaning systems are used in process steps including post-CMP clean, pre-bond clean, pre-photo clean, post-ILD deposition, and advanced packaging applications.

About Wafer Cleaning

Process Chemicals

Through Intersurface Dynamics, we manufacture and sell application-specific chemicals used to achieve specific surface morphologies on a variety of materials.  These chemicals are used in a variety of applications and industries including semiconductor, semiconductor materials, precision optics and ceramics and mirror manufacturing.

About Process Chemicals

Diffusion Furnace

Through Bruce Technologies, we manufacture and sell 200mm and 300mm horizontal diffusion and deposition furnaces, which address several steps in the semiconductor manufacturing process, including diffusion, LPCVD, high-temperature oxidation, and annealing. Bruce Technologies’ 300mm HTR furnace is a leader in HTR diffusion for power semiconductors.

About Diffusion Furnace

Reflow Ovens for Advanced Packaging and SMT

Through BTU International, we manufacture and sell advanced thermal processing systems used in the solder reflow and curing stages of printed circuit board assembly as well as systems for the thermal processes used in advanced semiconductor packaging. BTU International is a premier brand, recognized by our customers for quality and reliability.

About Reflow Ovens

Controlled Atmosphere Belt Furnaces

Through BTU International, we manufacture and sell process specific controlled atmosphere belt furnaces used for many thermal process applications such as brazing, sintering and curing. These systems serve high-volume applications primarily in the electronics and automotive (EV, HEV, and ICE) end markets and are known for their superior control of temperature and process atmosphere.

About Controlled Atmosphere Belt Furnaces

Powering Everyday Devices Across Multiple Industries

We provide fundamental power semiconductor equipment for manufacturers across a wide range of industries. Our products are embedded in everyday devices and can be found in virtually everything around us.

  • Electric Vehicle/Automotive
  • Mobile/Consumer
  • Computing
  • Industrial
  • Telecom
  • Medical

Our Strategy for Sustainable Growth

We seek to grow revenue and expand our operations through the pursuit of our four strategies.

Capitalizing on Growth Opportunities Within the Industry

We believe several emerging opportunities have the potential to drive long-term growth in the semiconductor industry in the very near future. These include the growing demand for electronic vehicles, 5G and mobility, consumer and industrial Internet-of-Things (IoT), A.I., Big Data, and emerging growth in new compound substrates, such as silicon carbide and gallium nitride.

As the semiconductor market continues to develop and evolve, we will continue to leverage our strong market position, relationships with leading global semiconductor customers, and proven track record of technical innovation to deliver next-generation technology solutions.

Developing Multi-product Solutions to Expand Our Addressable Market

By continuing to grow our portfolio, we can expand our product offerings within the power semiconductor and silicon carbide markets, and thus capture a greater percentage of capital spent on increasing power semiconductor and silicon carbide production.

In the past, we have successfully developed products in order to expand our addressable market and make evolutionary upgrades to our existing equipment and service offerings across our operating segments. And as we move forward, we will continue to invest in the development of new products as well as invest in upgrades for our existing product offerings so that we may strengthen our competitive advantage in the markets we serve. 

Pursuing Strategic Acquisitions that Complement Our Strong Platform

Throughout our history, our acquisition strategy has remained consistent with our focus on maintaining market leadership and technology innovation that addresses the continued growth in the semiconductor industry.

Today, we frequently evaluate potential technology, product, and business acquisitions or joint venture opportunities which we believe will help us to increase our existing market share in the power semiconductor and SiC/LED industries and expand our addressable market. As we move forward, we will continue to carefully manage our balance sheet to maintain adequate liquidity so that we may react quickly as these opportunities arise.

Investing in Our Infrastructure and Capacity

In July 2020, our SiC/LED segment (P.R. Hoffman) moved to a new location. This larger facility allows us to increase our manufacturing footprint and position our business to meet the expected longer-term increase in demand for our SiC, optics, and silicon substrate product solutions.

We have also begun assessing the manufacturing space used by our semiconductor segment for capacity expansion, added efficiencies, and cost savings, which could result in a future relocation of a manufacturing facility and/or investments in upgrades to existing facilities. Additionally, we also continually evaluate our ERP systems in order to allow for greater efficiencies and to ensure our infrastructure can support our future growth plans.

Our Strategy for Sustainable Growth

Extrepix Acquisition Timeline

Leading the Industry with Decades of Experience

Our executive leadership team consists of numerous individuals who possess decades of experience in the semiconductor industry, having served in various leadership roles throughout their distinguished careers.