Supplying Essential Semiconductor Solutions Worldwide

Amtech Systems is a global supplier of semiconductor equipment and consumables to the power semiconductor industry. From mobile to computing, industrial, automotive, telecom, and medical, our products are embedded in virtually everything around you.

About Amtech

Our Strategy for Growth

By focusing specifically on two high-growth sectors of the semiconductor market, Silicon Carbide and Power Semiconductors, we plan to maximize our revenue and expand our operations by:

Capitalizing on high-growth opportunities within the semiconductor industry.

Developing multi-product solutions to expand our addressable market.

Pursuing strategic acquisitions that complement our strong platform, expand capabilities and increase shareholder value.

Supporting our customers’ growth by investing in our infrastructure and capacity.

CMP, Lapping and Polishing

Through P.R. Hoffman, we manufacture and sell a wide range of products, including substrate carriers, substrate polishing templates, and CTX chemically resistant templates used for Silicon Carbide substrates. Through Entrepix we participate in chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) as a solutions provider for 200mm CMP equipment and a foundry operator serving some of the leading IDMs and OEMs.

About CMP, Lapping and Polishing

Wafer Cleaning

Through Entrepix, Inc. we offer double sided 200mm wafer cleaning systems used for both silicon and compound semiconductor applications.   These cleaning systems are used in process steps including post-CMP clean, pre-bond clean, pre-photo clean, post-ILD deposition, and advanced packaging applications.

About Wafer Cleaning

Process Chemicals

Through Intersurface Dynamics, we manufacture and sell application-specific chemicals used to achieve specific surface morphologies on a variety of materials.  These chemicals are used in a variety of applications and industries including semiconductor, semiconductor materials, precision optics and ceramics and mirror manufacturing.

About Process Chemicals

Diffusion Furnace

Through Bruce Technologies, we manufacture and sell 200mm and 300mm horizontal diffusion and deposition furnaces, which address several steps in the semiconductor manufacturing process, including diffusion, LPCVD, high-temperature oxidation, and annealing. Bruce Technologies’ 300mm HTR furnace is a leader in HTR diffusion for power semiconductors.

About Diffusion Furnace

Reflow Ovens for Advanced Packaging and SMT

Through BTU International, we manufacture and sell advanced thermal processing systems used in the solder reflow and curing stages of printed circuit board assembly as well as systems for the thermal processes used in advanced semiconductor packaging. BTU International is a premier brand, recognized by our customers for quality and reliability.

About Reflow Ovens

Controlled Atmosphere Belt Furnaces

Through BTU International, we manufacture and sell process specific controlled atmosphere belt furnaces used for many thermal process applications such as brazing, sintering and curing.   These systems serve high-volume applications primarily in the electronics and automotive (EV, HEV, and ICE) end markets and are known for their superior control of temperature and process atmosphere.

About Controlled Atmosphere Belt Furnaces

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